About moi
My photographic journey started with my dad's 35mm Yashica FX-3 at age of 13.
Not able to control my wide interests, I photographed professionally in sports, portraiture, TV/Film stills and lifestyle. One consistency was evident, I am obsessed with straight vertical lines.
Since 2017, I dedicated myself to work alongside architects, designers and artists, photographing considered spaces and well crafted objects.
About tools
I work with technical camera with Phase One medium format digital back, Rodenstock and Schneider lenses, the pinnacle of architectural photography.
For portraits and lifestyle work, I use Hasselblad H system.
I continue to shoot 6x7 films for personal work.
About work
My work have been widely published in print and online, won clients prestigious awards and help grew their businesses. I was lucky enough to be recognised by industry peers with a silver award at Intertional Photography Awards.
How I work
Keep it simple.
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